Devere Group Scam

Devere Group Scam
Devere Group scam experts warn against bogus Windows Support callers are Calcutta conmen

Computer users face a constant barrage of tempting deals, offers and bargains from online fraudsters.

Unsurprisingly, Windows computers are at more risk than Macs, simply because they outnumber their rival by millions to one.

A common scam is Indian call centres phoning on the pretext that they are working for Microsoft Windows Support. The gang has been tracked to Calcutta but somehow manages to evade the authorities there.

They will feed the line that Microsoft or an internet provider has tipped them off that viruses and corrupt files are making your computer run slowly.

Once the person on the end of the line has swallowed that hook, the caller will then try to sell online computer support for £200 a year - providing the bill is paid straight away by credit card.

The scammers are phoning so many people, Microsoft’s online help forum has 159 pages of comments blasting the crooks. (LINK:

After hundreds of thousands of calls to computer users all over Europe and the USA, the scammers are stepping their activities up a notch.

Until recently, the con was simple - tell some lies that sound reasonable and then go for a small payment. Now, they are downloading malware programs on to computers with the Windows built-in remote access feature.

This ups the ante, because now the criminal gang can copy usernames, passwords and confidential account information that lets them steal someone’s identity.

As scams go, this is not that sophisticated, but all those £200 thefts soon add up when you multiply the amount by the number of victims.

If you think you have had a call from this bogus Windows Help Centre, then here are some points to watch:

  • Never let someone access your computer remotely unless you are 100% sure who they are and that they mean no harm
  • The phone back number left by the fraudsters is probably an internet phone linking back to them via Skype or a similar service. Don’t bother calling - it’s a trap to drag you deeper in to their fraud
  • Microsoft or your internet provider never telephone or email customers about possible problems
  • Protect your computer behind a firewall, antivirus and anti-malware software. These are all free and included in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Most broadband routers have firewalls as well.

If you have lost money to these scammers, contact your credit card provider to reverse the transaction and report the matter to the Action Fraud web site (LINK: